Cold Weather Advisory Guidelines for Recess and Outdoor Activity

tl;dr Send in to your child’s classroom the proper clothes to ensure they get to chance to play outside, despite the cold. Unless it ‘feels like’ it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, your child will have the opportunity to play outside provided they have appropriate attire and provided the principal and staff deem the environment safe.

Per Melrose Public Schools:

District of Melrose Public School System

Cold Weather Advisory Guidelines for Recess & Outdoor Physical Activity

Fresh air and exercise is an important part of the school day.  Time spent outdoors gives students the opportunity to engage in activities that allow them to relax from the structure of the classroom for a short while.

We follow the District of Melrose Public School System weather advisory guidelines for physical education and recess. However due to the age of the children, there are special considerations:

Cold weather advisory guidelines:

Younger children are most at risk for cold related injury for several reasons: a younger child loses heat more rapidly than an older child because of size.  They do not adapt to extremes of temperatures as rapidly as adults. Younger children also expend more metabolic heat than adults when walking or running.

Therefore, it is imperative parents send children to school dressed adequately. Unless there are special considerations, children will go to outdoor recess if the weather is above 20 degrees with the wind chill factor considered.  This is the “feels like” temperature based on for zip code 02176.  Please note: on occasion, the principal and staff may amend this plan to provide the safest play environment.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure their children come to school dressed appropriately for the weather. Please send your child with:

  • warm coat that securely fastens
  • hat
  • mittens or gloves (mittens provide the greatest warmth)
  • boots when needed
  • snow pants
  • scarf if needed
  • layered clothing (provides more warmth

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