Preview of May 17, 2016, MSC meeting

This is the second of three four School Committee meetings this month. Here’s what on the agenda:

There will be votes on:

Finance and Facilities

There may be discussion on:

Superintendent’s Report

Policy and Planning

  • FY16 Strategy Overview (pg 4)
    • NOTE: This is a living document, updated regularly by the Superintendent . The Strategy Overview is to be presented to the School Committee on a quarterly basis. This particular update was to be given last month, but was voted to be postponed until now to allow for further detailed deliberation on the FY17 budget in April.
    • Herein you will find:
      • the Melrose Public Schools Vision statement: “(we support them [students] through a process of goal setting and building individual responsibility for academic success.)”
      • the MPS Theory of Action: “If teachers plan instruction with clear learning objectives, build content expertise that is supported by a current and well-articulated curriculum, understand culturally proficient pedagogy,apply the best instructional practices, and frequently use assessment to monitor student progress, then teaching and learning will continuously advance and realize high levels of student performance for all learners.”
      • Strategic Objectives for Melrose Public Schools
        • Planning: Employ purposeful and deliberate planning that is designed to enable all students to achieve a high level of content mastery and skill development.
        • Content and Curriculum: Provide rich, high-quality, and current content that fosters the development of higher-level thinking skills and helps all students to attain college and career readiness.
        • Instruction: Provide advanced learning opportunities that are student-centered and engage all learners in activities that offer enrichment and challenge and that are focused on student learning, growth, and achievement.
        • Assessment and Data: Create dynamic assessments that provide reliable and valid data that informs teaching and learning in order to advance student performance.
    • Author’s Note: This is a massive document. I will work to clarify it further in a future post.


Lastly, I want to apologize for my absence last meeting. I had a family emergency that kept me away.

Edit: Changed number of meetings this month from 3 to 4.



Preview of Agenda for MSC Meeting May 10, 2016

May is here, soggy weather, busy sports activities are in full swing and of course, School Committee business is in the air. Here’s a quick preview of what is on the School Committee agenda tomorrow night.


Tomorrow night is a PUBLIC HEARING on the current state of the FY17 Melrose Public Schools budget. Please come tomorrow night and speak to anything and everything you are concerned with in regards to the budget.


There will be votes on:

The consent agenda

  • School Committee Meeting Minutes from 26 April 2016 (to be posted for public viewing after SC votes to approve them)
  • MHS Marching Band Field Trip Request to Washington D.C. (pg. 56)
    • Recall this is for the Marching Band to participate in the National Memorial Day Parade in D.C.
  • Maintenance Report (pg. 61)
  • Personnal Report (pg. 65)
  • Monthly Budget Summary (pg. 67)
  • Warrants (pg. 97)

Educational Programs and Personnel (EP&P)

  • Secondary School code of Conduct revisions (pg. 132)

Finance and Facilities

  • Reconsideration of Class Fund Transfer (pg. 142)
  • FY17 Budget Deliberations (see link)

Announcements – School Committee Chair 

  • Addition of School Committee meetings (pg. 151)
    • 8/30/16
    • 10/18/16

The following do not require a vote, but discussion is anticipated:

Superintendent Report

  • Election process of Student Representatives (pg. 5)
  • SEEM Collaborative FY17 Budget (pg. 6)


  • Plans for Summer including Summer school, Enrichment (pg. 127)
    • Middle School Summer Options
    • Extended School Year services
    • MHS ‘Summer Credit Recovery’ or Summer School
  • ECC and Kindergarten placement report (pg. 131)
    • According to the report, we have at this time 307 kindergarten students registered, short of the anticipate 325
    • Based on previous discussions, I fully expect this number to change over the Summer as families move into/out of Melrose*

Finance and Facilities

  • Facilities Construction Update: MHS and Hoover Elementary (pg. 140)
    • Expect oral presentation.*
  • FY15 District Financial Audit (pg. 143)

Announcements – School Committee Chair

  • Liaison reports

*NOTE: Remember any opinions expressed here are my own and not representative of the School Administration or School Committee.

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