Agenda Preview: 13 Sept 2016 Meeting

The Melrose School Committee meets tonight to hear discussions on how the Melrose Public School Administration feels the opening of the school year has gone. While tonight’s meeting will have few votes, we will be discussing a variety of topics, including: the work completed over the Summer at Hoover Elementary School and the Learning Commons at MHS; The concussion report from SY15/16; and an update on enrollments across the district.

Speaking of enrollments, the number many of us were waiting for is 320. That is to say while we planned for a bump of up to 325 incoming Kindergarten students, we have at this time only 320 K students.  The chart on pages 53 and 54 illustrate the increases in enrollment over time: 320 K students and 326 1st grade students, followed by decreases in the higher grades below 290 students per grade. Keep these numbers in mind as we move forward during the school year in discussions on the modular classrooms, staffing requirements and the budget.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found here:

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. (ldeselm at

School Committee Meeting Agenda, 13 Sept 2016

There will be votes on: 

The Consent Agenda, consisting of

  • School Committee Meeting Minutes from 23 Aug 2016
  • The Concussion Report (pg. 6)
  • The Personnel Report (pg. 8)
  • The Monthly Budget Summary (pg. 10)
  • And the Warrants (3, totaling $91,555.20, pg. 28)

 There may be discussion on: 

Superintendent Announcements

  • Opening Day Update (not previewed in agenda packet)
  • Emergency Plan Update (pg. )
  • Summer Facilities Work (pg. 3)
  • Superintendent’s Proposed Working Groups for 2016-2017 (not previewed in agenda packet)
  • Superintendent Updates (pg. 5)


  • Policy and Planning
    • Enrollment Expectation: Fall 2016 (pg. 53)
  • Educational Programs and Personnel:
    • No New Business
  • Finance and Facilities:
    • No New Business 

School Committee Chair

  • Student Advisory Committee Representatives (pg. 55)
  • Committee Delegate to MASC (not previewed in agenda packet)
  • Liaison Reports (not previewed in agenda packet)



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