Modular Classroom News

The hot topic many have been waiting for relates to the plans by the School Building Committee (SBC) for the new modular classrooms. You might recall the initial plan presented to the School Committee at the June 14, 2016 meeting was for modulars:

 Representatives from the School Building Committee, Ms. Gaffey, Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Scenna, joined the Committee for discussion on the configuration of instructional programs. The Superintendent provided history and invited the School Building Committee members to present their recommendation for the best approach. At their meeting earlier today the School Building Committee voted to add modular units to the Horace Mann, Winthrop and Hoover Schools for the 2017-2018 school year that will require Committee approval, and the School Building Committee provided the pros and cons of that decision. Discussion included making financial estimates for the modular units and build outs available for review, and support for the K-5 amodel as it makes the most sense and is supported by the community.

At the following meeting on June 28, 2016, the School Committee voted to approve the SBC recommendation for use of modular classrooms at Horace Mann, Hoover and Winthrop Elementary Schools:


I voted against the motion. My concern then was the lack of discussion or presentation to the School Committee about sheltering our children from winter weather and possible external intrusion.

Until the formal presentation to be given at the meeting tomorrow, I can not say for sure, but the plans presented in the agenda packet suggest there will only be modulars added to Winthrop and Hoover, and those new rooms will be connected to the main building by an enclosed hallway. Additionally, the plans seem to suggest Horace Mann will be remodeled, rather than have two new modular rooms.


One thought on “Modular Classroom News

  1. Thanks for the information! I am still confused about the long term plans of this solution. For example, it looks like the Winthrop would be going to four Kindergartens next year…at least based on the labeled classrooms. But what happens when that class goes to first grade? Assuming that the increase in enrollment will be steady/growing for the foreseeable chunk of years…the following year the demand for K rooms would be roughly the same, but there is no more space to grow into for the larger classes? Am I missing something really basic here?!


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