School Committee Meeting Agenda Preview, 27 Sept 2016


The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found here: 

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

School Committee Meeting Agenda, 27 Sept 2016

There will be votes on: 

The Consent Agenda, consisting of

  • School Committee Meeting Minutes from 13 Sept 2016
  • Quarterly Donations Report (pg. 3)
  • And the Warrants (6, totaling $223,437.41, pg. 4)

 There may be discussion on: 

Superintendent Announcements


  • Educational Programs and Personnel:
    • ELA Midcycle Program Review (pg. 48)
  • Finance and Facilities:
    • Rental Agreement Review (pg. 56)
  • Policy and Planning
    • No New Business

School Committee Chair

  • Portable Classroom Property Siting and Expected Room Occupancy (pg. 58)
  • Committee Retreat and Action Items (not previewed in agenda packet)
  • General Announcements (not previewed in agenda packet)
  • Liaison Reports (not previewed in agenda packet)

Additionally, there is need of an executive session: 

  • To approve executive session minutes of Sept. 13, 2016
  • To conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with the Asst. Superintendent of Pupil and Personnel Services
  • To conduct strategy sessions with regards to collective bargaining with the Secretaries Union



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