Preview of SC Meeting Agenda, 18 Oct. 2016

Good Afternoon. A little bit of news before we move into the Agenda Preview:

The Board of Aldermen Appropriations Committee recommended for passage to the full board an appropriation of $400K for the use of “Design and Management Services” for the Modular classrooms. This was covered by my School Committee colleague Margaret Driscoll.

School Committee Meeting Agenda, 18 Oct 2016 

There will be votes on: 

The Consent Agenda, consisting of

  • School Committee Meeting Minutes from 24 Sept 2016
  • School Committee Special Meeting (Goal setting for MSC) Minutes from 27 Sept 2016
  • Field Trip Request – MHS French Exchange Student Trip (pg. 5)
  • Cafeteria (Chartwell) report (pg. 10)
  • Personnel Report (pg. 11)
  • Monthly Budget Summary (pg. 12)
  • And the Warrants (2, totaling $249797.88, pg. 35)

Disposition of Surplus Materials (pg. 93)

Committee (pg. 102) and Superintendent (pg. 109) Goal Setting

There may be discussion on: 

Superintendent Announcements


  • Educational Programs and Personnel:
    • Health and Wellness Reports and Program Responses (pg. 81)
  • Finance and Facilities:
    • Technology Plan Update (pg. 94)
  • Policy and Planning
    • Internet Safety Measures – Policy IJND/IJNDB (not previewed in packet)
    • Strategy Overview (pg. 99)

School Committee Chair

  • Consideration of Ballot Question 4 (pg. 111)
  • General Announcements(not previewed in agenda packet)
  • Liaison Reports (not previewed in agenda packet)

Additionally, there is need of an executive session:

  • To approve executive session minutes of Sept. 27, 2016
  • To Discuss strategy with respect to Open Meeting Law Complaint filed by Gerry Mroz

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