Join me Thursday at the MHRC’s 14th Annual International Welcome Reception!

In case you have never heard of this event, the Melrose Human Rights Commission hosts a community-wide potluck dinner, for all Melrosians. This year’s event will be held at Lincoln Elementary School on West Wyoming Ave, and starts at 6:30 PM. Come join me and our neighbors as we enjoy good food and good company.


Agenda Preview for MSC Meeting, 15 Nov 2016

The agenda packet can be found here.

School Committee Meeting Agenda, 15 Nov 2016 

At roughly 7pm tonight, to start the School Committee meeting, there will be a public hearing on FY School Choice:

By definition, School Choice in the Commonwealth is the ability for students living in one school district to choose to attend a school in a different district. For instance, a student living in Melrose may pursue attending a school in Wakefield, or vice versa.

Some things to note about School Choice as relates to Melrose Public Schools:

  • Pg 60, “We have 30 school choice students and 4 foreign exchange students.”
  • Pg 75, “Melrose High School has welcomed approximately 29 school choice students. Melrose High School has accepted four international students this year 1 [sic] student is sponsored through Rotary and three pay tuition through our arrangement with Educatius International.”
  • Pg. 89, Supt. Taymore recommends 20 seats each in 7th and 8th, and 5 in 9th grades.

As this is a public hearing, I encourage all who have interest to come tonight and learn more about this process and the impact on our schools.

On with the full preview!

There will be votes on: 

The Consent agenda, consisting of:

  • SC meeting minutes from 25 Oct 2016 (not previewed in packet)
  • School building maintenance report (pg. 4)
  • Monthly budget summary (pg. 9)
  • Personnel Report (pg. 8)
  • 2 Warrants totaling $398,145.38, one for $386,101.97 (pg. 11) and one for 12,043.41 (pg. 53)


  • Education Programs and Personnel:
    • Amend Standing of Interim Director of Finance and Administrative Affairs. This is to remove the interim tag from Marianne Farrell’s title, making her the Director of Finance for Melrose Public Schools. (not previewed in packet)
  • Policy and Planning
    • 2017-2018 School Calendar (pg. 88)

School Committee Chair

  • School Choice Vote (pg. 89)
  • School Committee Action Items (pg. 90)

There may be discussion on: 

Superintendent Announcements

  • Elementary Instrumental Working Group (pg. 3 )


  • Finance and Facilities:
    • FY16 Annual Finance Report (pg. 56)
  • Educational Programs and Personnel:
    • Enrollment FY17 (pg. 59)
      • Foundation budget number for FY16 was 3400 students, for FY17, 3500 students (pg. 59)
      • MHS Class Size, > 30 and <10 students (pg. 74)
      • MVMMS Class list of >30 students or <10 students (pg. 77)
  • Policy and Planning
    • Plan for School Committee Self-Evaluation (not previewed in packet)
    • Internet Safety Measures: Policies for Review (pg. 78)
    • Opioid Policy (not previewed in packet)

School Committee Chair

  • 2017 Rolling Agenda (pg. 92)
  • Liaison Reports
    • Melrose Human Rights Commission International Welcome Potluck (pg. 96)