MSC Agenda Preview for 13 Dec 2016

This is the Melrose School Committee’s last meeting of the calendar year. The agenda is full, but not packed. This is the calm before the storm of the SY17-18 Budget process, which begins right away in January.

One more thing to note: I will be hosting office hours once per month, starting this Thursday at 6pm at Eastern Bank on Main St. No appointment is needed, just drop by. I will be there for 1 hour, and will work to give more advanced notice for January. This is open to the community.

Onto the agenda preview:

School Committee Meeting Agenda, 13 Dec 2016 

There will be votes on: 

The Consent Agenda, consisting of

  • School Committee Meeting Minutes from 22 Nov 2016
  • E-Camp Field Trip request (pg. 3)
  • Donations (pg. 14)
  • Cafeteria Report (pg. 15)
  • The Personnel Report (pg. 16)
  • The Monthly Budget Summary (pg. 17)
  • And the Warrants (2, totaling $320,164.18, pg. 21)


  • Facilities and Finance: Dollar Maximums for Student Activity Checking Accounts (pg. 54)
  • Policy and Planning: Internet Safety Measures: Policies for Review (pg. 56)

School Committee Chair

  • Vote for School Committee Chair and Vice-Chair (pg. 70)
  • Data presentations (pg. 71)

There may be discussion on: 


  • Finance and Facilities:
    • Year end report (pg.55)
  • Policy and Planning:
    • School Committee Self-Evaluation (pg. 66)

School Committee Chair

  • Update on Hiring of Legal Council (not previewed in agenda packet)
  • School Committee Action Items (pg. 85)
  • Liaison Reports (not previewed in agenda packet)