MPS FY18 Budget Process Update

At the January 10, 2017 Melrose School Committee meeting, roles were reversed as I was made chair of the Finance and Facilities Subcommittee while Chris Casatelli was made vice chair. While this change is small, the agreed upon process for the Melrose School Committee prosecuting the MPS FY18 budget was changed at the SC retreats in October 2016. Whereas before the department heads at MHS and the principals all presented their needs and explained how the superintendent’s proposed budget supported them, the SC has instead decided to focus on how the FY18 budget will affect 3 major themes:

  1. Improving social emotional learning, behavioral intervention and related supports
  2. Building increased capacity for inclusive practices
  3. Continuing integration of technology skills for students and staff

Likewise, there will be more public outreach than in recent years, as I will be visiting school PTOs around the district to discuss this year’s process.  Additionally, the budget timeline was made public in November 2016, giving the Melrose Public Schools Community ample time for planning.

How can you be heard? The simplest way to express your thoughts and concerns is to email the entire school committee – schoolcommittee (at) cityofmelrose dot org.  An email sent to that address will reach all school committee members. Alternatively, you can attend our meetings, reach us individually or contact the superintendent’s office.

Be sure to follow the FY18 MPS Budget Process page for up-to-date information.